Portfolio of Projects


OVERVIEW: A leading mail ordering catalogue business in Indonesia employing women as sales commission agents. The women sales agents order products via their mobile phones. Goods are shipped to the nearest airport within 24 hours for collection and distribution. More than 80% of its sales are outside Java.


SOCIAL IMPACT: Paloma currently employs more than 45,000 home-based women and single mothers as Micro Entrepreneurs/sales agents. Because these women receive a discount off the catalogue price as their commission, they do not require micro-loans to become sales agents. As of Dec 31, 2014, Paloma has 192 employees.


OVERVIEW: PT Bahtera Kasih provides a one-stop bereavement and funeral service to needy families, including transportation, casket supply, embalming and other ancillary services, through a low cost insurance scheme in collaboration with a leading Indonesian insurance provider.



The company assists bereaved families with their funeral arrangements through affordable low cost insurance packages. We will track the number of individuals and families who subscribe to this tailor-made insurance scheme. In a multi-racial area, the company will also be supporting interfaith and ethnic community bereavement needs.



OVERVIEW: Singapore-based Agape aims to be a leading provider of rehabilitation, reintegration and resettlement services for prisoners, ex‐offenders, delinquent youth and socially displaced persons. The company has two core business segments – outsourced transportation and call center services.


SOCIAL IMPACT: The company currently employs 50 prisoners in its Changi Call Center and 30 disadvantaged individuals in its Peace Centre Call Center. A key metrics will be the rate of recidivism among its employees.


OVERVIEW: PT. IDS is a joint venture between GII and Koen Irianto Uripan, who is a lawyer-turned-entrepreneur building sanitation facilities in Surabaya, Indonesia since 2008. Koen is also currently serving as the founding Chairman of APPSANI, an association comprising of over 2000 members whose mission is to provide affordable sanitation facilities in Indonesia through partnership with the local government. 


SOCIAL IMPACT: The company is currently working with the community leaders and churches in Batam to increase the awareness of proper sanitation and had since built a few toilets in the slum. Our objective is to build as many as 1000 toilets in the year 2017.

Kestrel Thailand

OVERVIEW: Kestrel’s mission is to produce and supply affordable high-quality diagnostic test-kits to improve the quality of life of the marginalised.  With the investments from GII, they plan to expand their distribution network worldwide, especially to developing countries such as Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar and even to African countries where Dengue and Malaria are rampant.


SOCIAL IMPACT: Kestrel is currently collaborating with a few universities to distribute their products. They are selling more than 6000 test kits and exporting more than a thousand per month to the African countries.

PT. Mahoni Edukasi Digital

OVERVIEW: PT Mahoni Edukasi Digital (MED) was founded to provide free e-textbooks to the estimated 50 million children in Indonesia, regardless of social-economic status and family background. Santoso and Ginting, the founders of MED, strongly believe no child should be deprived of a chance of learning,  and by leveraging on technology, it will allow them to learn without hefty education fees. During the startup journey, both had to visit rural schools to help the teachers to understand why and how MED can help enhance and expand the reach of education in their local communities. After two years of hard work and toil, MED has begun to gain traction in Indonesia and has had prolific companies such as Microsoft and Intel help to scale her up.  


SOCIAL IMPACT: Today, MED is reaching out to hundreds thousands of students and teachers across Indonesia. The platform offers free e-books, learning videos and question banks, and with a strong hit rate of a million e-books download monthly.

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